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The Hybrid Theatre Platform is a forum for research and innovation of the theatre training and practice developed by the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT

The time of the systems and methods is over. The Hybrid Theatre Platform is a forum to create individual knowledge, to change mind-set, and to open new paths for self-education and self-creation of the artist.

The Hybrid Theatre Platform combines online studies with practical seminars and laboratories. Online modules are available world-wide, the complementary practice modules are offered on demand in various world regions.  

Actual courses: The Vertical of the Role

Upcoming courses: Exercise 40 days for 40 years. Information and registration below.


    basic introduction to the famous method for the actor’s self-preparation, a classic in the European theatre.

    Artistic director: Dr. Jurij Alschitz,

    Trainer: Christine Schmalor

    Enroll in this free course Vertical BASIC and you will receive all tasks, video lectures and explanations to prepare yourself for a Vertical. You have all the freedom to experiment with the given tasks in your own rhythm of work with only one rule: you must complete and submit one task before you are able to see the next

    You can enter the course at any time, but bear in mind that the course closes on May 14. After this day you will not be able to continue or see further tasks should you not have reached them by that point.

    If you wish to have feed-back and a personal dialogue, please enroll for the course Vertical DIALOGUE or Vertical PRACTICE

    The focus of the course lies in the independent actor’s preparation of the role. S/he becomes the author of the role. This method shows the way to the philosophical, spiritual core of the character and challenges the actor to act as an artist.

    full course description see pdf


    Flexible enrolment. Fee: 70 €

    Guided online course in personal dialogue with the teacher to learn the method for the actor’s self-preparation.

    Artistic director: Dr. Jurij Alschitz,

    Trainer: Christine Schmalor

    Enroll in the course Vertical Dialogue and (in addition to all the conditions of the Vertical BASIC course) you will get also feedback for each task. The trainer will answer your questions and at a certain point arrange a personal dialogue on skype. 

    The course material includes the e-book "The Vertical of the Role" by Jurij Alschitz as free download.

    You can switch to the course Vertical PRACTICE at any time, if you wish to join the practical part in Berlin.

    full course description see pdf


    Hybrid tuition: online-course in preparation towards a seminar led by Dr. Jurij Alschitz

    in Berlin from  5 - 12 May 2017

    Flexible enrolment

    Tuition Fee: 490 € (all conditions of Vertical DIALOGUE included)

    Artistic direction Dr. Jurij Alschitz

    Teacher: Christine Schmalor

    "If thoughts and ideas should fly, we ourselves must take off, even if only a little bit, from the Earth." J.A.

    From the moment of entry, you will engage in a 1:1 dialogue with the trainer to prepare you for one of the select practical seminars in Berlin.

    There you will undertake actor training specifically geared towards helping students embody a Vertical, in addition to group lessons, individual consultations and time on stage to present your research. Personal reflections and tailored advice will support students in the creation of a monologue. A well-created Vertical can be invaluable for auditioning but equally as a fundament for a mono-performance itself.

    You can join this course at any time, either as an upgrade from the other courses, or by registering immediately for this course. Please keep in mind we recommend a minimum preparation time of three weeks before the practical phase begins.

    For all details: full course description pdf


    Are you searching for a definitive theatre education? Looking for a career change? Are you already an actor/actress planning a fundamental change in how you approach your profession?

    Exercise 40/40 presents a ground-breaking concept for spherical education created by Dr. Jurij Alschitz. Online education, followed by 40 days contact education will lead to 40 years of self-creation. A change of mind-set opens the noosphere for the acting profession.

    Instead of four years of traditional theatre education you invest in 40 days of total training based on the newst research of wave and resonance theory.

    Take the chance to participate in the first edition of the International Hybrid Theatre Platform EXERCISE 40/40.

    Online education begins: 1 July 2017

    Practical Phase:15 September -24 October 2017 led by the Artistic Director Dr. Jurij Alschitz and his international team of teachers.

    Sign up now for free and you will be given information in advance about all news relating to the Programme. Task 1 will be published on 1 July, after which you will begin work on the given tasks. Students will then make a decision to upgrade to the 40 day practical course in consultation with the teachers.

    full course description see pdf
    full information about the scientific programme:



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