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The Hybrid Theatre Platform is a forum for research and innovation of the theatre training and practice developed by the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT

The time of the systems and methods is over. The Hybrid Theatre Platform is a forum to create individual knowledge, to change mind-set, and to open new paths for self-education and self-creation of the artist.

The Hybrid Theatre Platform combines online studies with practical seminars and laboratories. Online modules are available world-wide, the complementary practice modules are offered on demand in various world regions.



    Sei Shōnagon “The Pillow Book”

    an international laboratory for actresses preparing a European-Russian-Japanese production under the artistic direction of Dr Jurij Alschitz

    at Čajka Teatro d'Avanguardia Popolare Modena, Italy

    2 - 10 May 2018

    start today with your preparation, and use the early bird discount until April 1st

    total seminar fee: 390 € / 450 €  registration fee: 100€

    Please send your application with a motivation letter, a picture and CV to: cajkateatro[a]

    After you have been accepted, register here.

    for all information see pdf

    Sei Shonagon Laboratory_DE.pdfSei Shonagon Laboratory_DE.pdfSei Shonagon Laboratory_EN.pdfSei Shonagon Laboratory_EN.pdf

    course fee: 120 €

    25 - 27 May 2018 in Berlin

    Trainer: Christine Schmalor

    Artistic Direction: Dr Jurij Alschitz

    A unique chance to learn about the working method on-stage before you start online.

    The seminar will introduce the specific training and the first working steps towards the “Vertical of the Role”.

    course description see pdf

    Einführung Vertikale Mai 2018.pdfEinführung Vertikale Mai 2018.pdfIntroductory Course May 2018.pdfIntroductory Course May 2018.pdf
    TRY OUT the famous method for the actor’s self-preparation, a classic in the European theatre.
    free access to the first 2 steps

    If you wish to continue with video lectures and personal feed-back, please register to the full version.

    course description see pdf


    Course fee: 70 €

    Guided online course in personal dialogue with the teacher to learn the famous method for the actor’s self-preparation, a classic in the European theatre.

    Learn the independent preparation of the role. Find your way to the philosophical, spiritual core of the character. Become the author of the role and grow as an artist.

    Artistic Director: Dr Jurij Alschitz,

    Programme Director: Christine Schmalor

    Step by step you will receive the tasks, video lectures and explanations to create your "Vertical". You have all the freedom to experiment with the given tasks in your own rhythm of work. You will get feedback to your work. Your questions will be answered online or in the personal dialogue on skype.

    At the practical seminar you will conclude your work on stage. 16 - 23 September 2018 in Berlin.

    All tasks are in English + German. You work in your mother tongue.

    The course material includes the e-book "The Vertical of the Role" by Jurij Alschitz as free download.

    full course description see pdf


    Are you searching for a definitive theatre education? Looking for a career change? Are you already an actor/actress planning a fundamental change in how you approach your profession? Are you looking for new forms of education?

    Exercise 40/40 presents a ground-breaking concept for spherical education created by Dr. Jurij Alschitz. Online education, followed by 40 days contact education will lead to 40 years of self-creation. A change of mind-set opens the noosphere for the acting profession.

    Instead of four years of traditional theatre education you invest in 40 days of total training based on the newst research of wave and resonance theory.

    Online education begins: fall 2018

    Practical Phase: spring 2019 led by the Artistic Director Dr. Jurij Alschitz and his international team of teachers.

    Register here to participate in the open forum discussion and to receive all relevant information about the ongoing research and project development.

    full course description see pdf
    full information about the scientific programme:

    40:40 Research EN

    40:40 Forschung DE

    Ankündigung_Exercise 40.40_DE.pdfAnkündigung_Exercise 40.40_DE.pdfAnnouncement_Exercise 40.40_EN.pdfAnnouncement_Exercise 40.40_EN.pdf

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